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OneSilat Championship is a global and professional fighting championship rooted in the culturally rich Asian martial arts of silat. Originating in Southeast Asia, silat is a deadly martial art practiced by millions of people in the region and around the world. Fighting styles are diverse within silat, and techniques include hand strikes, kicks, joint manipulation, throws as well as the use of traditional weaponry. Globally, there is an estimated 8,000 aliran (styles) of silat today.Unlike Silat Tanding seen at existing competition, OneSilat Championship is a full-contact competition format. The rules governing OneSilat Championship is a hybrid of MMA and Silat rules and this promises explosive and free form of silat fighting rarely seen in existing competitions today.

Malaysia is proud to play host to OneSilat Championship and the competition will feature some of the best silat exponents from 57 silat nations worldwide. The TV events are specially crafted to give total visual and sensory enjoyment to our spectators and viewers alike.

Mark Your Calendar! OneSilat World Championships Finals is happening this 1st of April 2017 at the Kuala Lumpur Badminton Stadium!

Who will bring home the USD10,000 cash prize? 5 Categories, 5 World Champions. who will reign supreme?

Catch the OneSilat World Championships Finals live on Astro Arena 801 and Astro Arena 802 HD